Sunday August 13th, 2017

For more information on event details, registration or donations call 905-436-7377

Participant Testimonials

"As a cyclist who has to pick and choose charity rides because of limited income but still want to give to the community, I must say that your Ride4UnitedWay is the best in terms of registration fee, friendly staff and volunteers, great courses with police support and post ride food and refreshment." - Alain

"Hats off to the organizers and all the volunteers for a day full of fun, positive energy, good music, good food, and the opportunity to be part of a large group of cyclists riding for a good reason." – Faye and Cameron

"I hope the feedback on the hills and difficulty of the course was all positive, at least on the 160 km route! The never ending rolling hills are what makes the ride such a wonderful challenge and is what will bring me back next year for sure. That and the fact that even though I'll be a year older, I'm determined I can shave a chunk of time off my hill climb, especially now that I've found it!" - Phill

"Thank YOU! That was a very enjoyable ride, and the organization was spot-on, great facilities, well-marked (and challenging) route. No complaints from this rider!" - Jon

"Just wanted to say, thanks very much for a job well done. Obviously that goes out to you and all the volunteers that made the ride amazing. It was my first experience with an event like this and definitely the longest distance (160 k) I've attempted in a long while. It was truly an amazing experience thanks to all the hard work put into the event. I'll be back every year as long as I can still pedal a bike!" - Todd

"Kudos' to you and all the volunteers, the ride was well organized, the route was perfect (flat start, hilly middle and semi-flat end) everyone was friendly. I will definitely ride again next year and will encourage friends to join me." - Brook

"I wanted to thank you and your team of volunteers for an excellent event. I did the 55 k and was very impressed with how well organized the day was .... The rolling hills were an excellent challenge and thought the markings, volunteers and destination point were excellent." - Richard

"The 100 k was hilly and challenging for novice riders like us, but I would like to see it stay that way. It would be less satisfying if it was made to easy." - Mike

"Thank you for organizing such as great ride – This was my second year and again, as a Toronto rider I enjoyed the challenge of the hills – make the most of your terrain – you gave folks fair warning (and I'm at the higher end in terms of age!)" - Steve

"This was my first time participating in the ride, and I was very impressed with the organization of the event and the number of dedicated volunteers helping out at the event." - Meagan

"Thanks for all your hard work, we had such a great time and look forward to next years ... and I'm not going to keep this awesome ride a secret, will spread the word!!!" - Anne

"I just wanted to thank you for such a well-organized and excellent ride. The course was so well-marked on the roads and having people and good signage at intersection made it impossible to get lost. Water stations were well planned out and the snacks available were very much appreciated. It was probably the best ride my husband and I have ever attended." - Rosemarie

"It was a beautiful and scenic ride as well. If a route is flat most of the way, I find it becomes just a race which then is no fun." - Rosemarie

"Just a short note to congratulate you on such a well planned and executed ride today. It was a pleasure to ride in it and hope to for many years and persuade more of my riding group to join us." - Jeff

"I have participated in several charity rides over the past few years and this one was as well or better organized than any I have been a part of. Kudos to you and all of the volunteers, organizers, etc. for making this such an enjoyable and flawless (this coming from a rider who simply needs to show up, hop on their bike and ride) event. The course was very well marked, the marshals at the different areas throughout the route were helpful and courteous and the volunteers working at the rest stops along the way were second to none." - Leo

"We loved the route, it was scenic and interesting and we think the difficulty level was appropriate for the distance." - Kristan

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